Ryan Morris aka Dreamkid has always been obsessed with the feelings of nostalgia, not to mention all things music. Entering the world slap bang into the mid-eighties was a major contributing factor for his love of synthwave music. Having grown up on the sunny eastern shores of South Africa and spending most of his youth surfing, skateboarding, playing guitar and listening to Blink-182, he inevitably ended up starting a pop punk band during his school years. 

Relocating to the UK in 2005 and a few years later, Ryan found himself signed to independent US label Sumerian Records in his alternative rock band New Volume. But it was through his love of 80s style pop songs however, that he discovered the New Retro Wave YouTube channel in 2015. Ryan says of that fateful day, “I always loved 80s music but when I discovered this whole synth scene I was completely sucked in.”

The global pandemic and resultant lockdown saw the birth of the Dreamkid persona and a time to hone in on his unique synthwave songwriting craft. With his androgynous look, wild care free attitude and together with his love of performing on stage, Dreamkid is hoping to stir up the world of synthwave with his own brand of nostalgic melodies. Debut album out now on Outland Recordings.